Tuesday, April 12, 2005

slight changes... I suppose

I really don't have many new things going on... I'm taking C#, Advanced Java, and Statistics. I would be happier if I had a class... I suppose if I need any help I can get tutoring... but taking classes online just isn't the same.
A bunch of my friends moved from the 311 house on burnett, to a house down the street... It's a nicer house, and definatly a better place to hang out at. Although I don't see James as much. Which reminds me that George just got home from CA. Well, as you can see, I don't have alot of interresting news to report. I have been searching for a job, and think that I might be able to make some money as a freelance programmer. I have found a few online communities, but I haven't found anything that is free.
I saw a movie on the discover channel about YellowStone NP erupting... titled SuperVolcano. The eruption was so big that it disabled the entire United States. The long term affects lowered the temperature of the world by 20 degrees after a year or two. That would be crazy... however, Seattle seemed to still be green!