Thursday, May 31, 2007

A long day on the bus...

I guess I'll start by saying I spent 4 hours on the bus today... or a least in transit...

I got up and left the house at 8am.... then proceeded to walk to my bus... ride from 8:15 till 9:53, and walk in to work about 4 minutes early.

Then I worked for 10 hours... rigorously playing video games... killing and willingly being killed... digging up potential bugs... I even submitted my first bug report... and then left work...

Waited from 8:00 to 8:18... rode to Bellevue and waited 20 minutes... rode to Renton and waited 15 minutes... kept going to Kent and waited 15 minutes... took the bus up the hill and walked from my bus stop...

oh the glory of public transit. but it was pretty cool when my Volt ER got me a cup of coffee and a snack at Star Bucks for my welcome meeting...

Now I'm here... I still haven't put my spare tire on the Van yet... and I really don't know if I'll get around to that tonight... maybe one of these nights, or some time really soon. who knows... at this rate I don't know when I'll drive my car again. (I bet you're happy mom ;)

so... I love the job... it gets better every day... I get free drinks and snacks... free coffee... Bungie Studios is right in down town Kirkland... which is a really nice area to be... and after 6:30 we are allowed to drink beer at work... actually, the direct Bungie employees get to drink beer all day... but we lowly contractors don't get any of their free stuff...

The only thing that is kinda annoying at work is the ever clear presence of a hierarchy where the Bungie people are on top, and the contractors are on bottom... we get free snacks, coffee, and drinks... they get all our stuff and free meals, beer, and better snacks... Plus they get to tell us what to do. It's like each person who works at Bungie has a team of contractors to work for them... I guess I'll just have to get one of their jobs.

it's kinda cool when I'm on the bus people see my MS badge and ask me what I do... and I get this whole feeling like I'm a politician saying "I'm working my way around to figuring out how I won't answer that" every two seconds... everyone has questions... are there new this and that... did you read about this online and what are you gonna do about it... It is really fascinating to hear all the questions...

James was finally able to start answering some of the questions I had for him about his project... it turns out that all this time he's been working on a project called Microsoft Surface... which is this really cool idea of the coffee table/cash register of the future. It's designed to integrate a table, computer, cell phone, PDA, credit cards, and any other wireless device all together...
Check out the web site, it looks really sweet! Straight out of Sci-Fi. I even want it... and I hate almost everything Microsoft (not including companies owned by Microsoft) makes!

anyway... once I got home I was happy and sad to have an empty house... Evelyn went with Maninther to Bellingham to pick up a load... and because she baby sits Jaani at the house, she took him with her... which is kinda nice because she will take him to the vet for me tomorrow, and keep him company while I'm at work... but this will be the first night since I got Jaani that he won't be sleeping in my bed... it kinda makes me sad... even to think about it... but it's for him.

unfortunately he seems to have some sort of skin thing going on right now... he keeps itching, and we can't find any fleas... that hot spot stuff works for a little while, but I think he might need something more. I hope it doesn't cost too much, but at least I have a care credit card to pay for it... that way I won't get any interest... plus it is actually a great supplement to insurance because I can use that to pay any co-pay, dental, or Rx... even though I will have dental in July.

well, between getting a flat tire, and all my other bills money will be really tight until the 8th... but I just may have automatic deposit available by then, which means I'll actually get paid on the 7th... and I should be getting a little more money than I was originally expecting. so from that point out things should be good. after all, with this bus pass, I have a far smaller chance of getting unexpected bills, and that pesky thing of the car being really old and it could just die at any moment... it really is unfortunate that cars don't have a 3 second re-spawn rate... heck, even a 30 second rate would be sweet... the car dies and a new one just reappears... the garbage collection just making the old one vanish without a trace.

So... yea, that's what's up today. I hope I entertained someone...

that's it for tonight. g'ngiht


a long day.

Today was my 1st 12 hour shift... and it wasn't the hardest, but it was kinda frustrating for a good chunk of it... I think the best part is they started giving me my own test cases, so I can think of ways to think of new cases to work with.

1st. the good part is I got my Microsoft badge and my bus pass today, so I'll start taking the bus tomorrow.

2nd when I went to get my badge I got a nail in my tire, and the tire went flat when I was on my way to get a new one. that cost about $93

3rd we went to Evelyn's mom's house for dinner and she made us fish and clams... that was good!

4th, when we got home, kinda late we had to call security to have some guy towed from my spot.
now I'm waiting for the tow truck so I can move my car and go to bed.

it really sucks that people have no consideration and park in my so much. I hate it. but I think I hear the tow truck outside now, so that means I'll be able to go to bed and get some sleep.

in short, not the best day, but at least I won't have to drive my car to work every day... but it will take me an extra hour to get to work... and I'll have to wait an hour for the bus when I work 12 hour shifts. so... yea, that's my story, and I guess it's not too bad to have to use public transit, but at least it won't cost me anything.

so... yup yup yup, that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Another day in the refrigerator

Day 2 at Bungie. More testing on Halo 3... today we had this big ordeal over the Xbox hack where someone got into the custom game menu due to some sort of NAT error... we couldn't repo (reproduce) it yet... but on the other hand I did repo an error 5 times (out of 118 attempts...) so it was a good day.

I was even pleased to hear that everyone is really happy with me because nobody else actually had the patience to do that. after that I played for a while... you know, to get to know the stages well enough so that they can tell me to go somewhere and I know how to get there... and I shot at some people on the way... gotta love halo...

Then when I got home I found out that Dell now offers 3 computers that come loaded with Linux! and they offer 1 year support for people to learn! this is awesome!

Then I checked out and found a dell online coupon for $500 off a dell Inspiron notebook of over $1399 (which considering after pricing out the computer I want, it came out to be $1360)... meaning that if I upgraded to a better monitor, I could get a better computer than I wanted for $918... I can't wait until I get enough money to get a new computer... I guess that I can deal with having another Dell if it runs Linux out of the box!

So, check out my shared items in Google reader section on the right to look at Another Linux Milestone to see dell computers pre-loaded with Ubuntu Linux...

check out Links on the frizzlefry home page for cool deal sites!


Monday, May 28, 2007

Day one at Bungie...

Deep in the darkest corners of Bungie Studios is a little room filled with computers... known to myself as the refrigerated sardine can. It's nice, about 10 of us are all crammed in a room with about 60 computers and over 200 X Box 360 game councils. All day today I was doing Black Box testing (testing a released product with no debugging tools) on the X-Box Live server for the Halo 3 Multi-player Beta. It was kinda cool. I must have started and dropped over 80 games today, but it was all in the name of finding a few certain bugs that they have been trying to track down.

I found it entertaining that we were getting out early today and only working an 8 hour day. I guess typically we will be working 60-80 hour weeks for the next few months. including nights and weekends.

It's cool though, the normal work day is Mon - Fri, 10AM - 6:30PM, and everything outside of that is overtime. I get paid vacation time, and certain holidays we get payed for even if we don't work.

but I'm not really supposed to talk about what I do... I'm just supposed to play dumb about everything... including what the beta test (publically available now) is like and stuff like that. But I'm really happy. It really is my dream job! I mean come on... how many people get to play am entire video game beginning to end 4 months before it comes out... get to give a vote on what skins the characters will end up with in the RCs (Release Candidates)... and even get to have to potential to have glitches I find fixed? it's so sweet!

And all for the sacrifice of working a butt load of overtime... It's really not bad at all... it was the quickest 8 hours I ever worked... free snacks... we had a holiday barbecue... free pop and juice... it's just great! I can't wait until I get my badge and bus pass... unfortunately I had to drive to work today, and I will probably drive at least the next couple days, but then I'll be taking the bus so that I can have some much needed reading time.

anyway... that was my first day. I need to go take the dog for a walk or something...


Sunday, May 27, 2007

A New Chair!

Today I got a letter from Michigan... it contained my 2006 state tax returns! so I went down to check out Ikea's no sales tax sale! hidden deep in the employee only section of the as is section ( I get special access because they all know me there) and there I saw it! A nice computer chair with good back support! just what I've been looking for sense we got here! so it's mine now! I'll have a picture soon. They gave it to me for only $40! it's awesome! a $80 chair too... so yup yup yup! thanks mom! I'll have pictures soon!


Saturday, May 26, 2007

New today...

so, tonight (about 5 minutes ago) I started a new home page. it's at the right under my links... and it is done using Google Pages. a new service still being beta tested in Google labs. So far it does a good job at making the web page creation process fairly easy, but I guess there is some room for improvement. but anyone who knows how to use MS Word could use it to make a simple page with cool little gadgets on it. so check it out!


Thursday, May 24, 2007

I love samosas!

so, tonight I went up to Alki and went for a walk near the beach by all the bars with Allister. We went to a bar, got a burger and had a couple beers while the pistons vs ohio game was on. it was such a nice day all day long... Mt Rainier was out all day, but I never got a good shot at the mountain... I did however get a good shot at the Olympic mountains. Then, after I dropped Al off, I went home, and Maninther had brought over a whole tray of like 20 or so samosas... I love samosas! They are these pouches of bread filled with potato and spices and stuff... they rock.

Anyway, on our way home, we took a picture of Seattle as the night came near... which turned out ok... I think I've taken better though... and Evelyn got mad at me for taking Alister even though yesterday I told him I would take him up there, and she said that if she went up there she wouldn't want to go if Allister was going. She says I treat her like s*** when I'm with my friends... I think it's because I don't give her all of my attention and she gets jealous. anyway... here is Seattle... It's not the best picture, but it gets the point across...


P.S. the icon here means that I used Picasa to put this picture on my blog... it works pretty nicely if you select all the pictures you want to put up at once.
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A scare with the car!!!

Yesterday I went to start the car, and it wouldn't start... I first thought it was the battery because nothing did anything. Then I wiggled the battery cable... and nothing happened... I tried having someone jump start my car and nothing... I called AAA because I thought maybe the Geo Metro was too small to jump start my car. The tow truck driver only took about 15 minutes to get there (we were a 1/2 mile from the downtown Seattle AAA office) He tried holding the battery cable while I tried to start it and it went. He tightened the battery cable and recommended I get new battery cables. I think it sounds like a good idea... my friend found some online for like $20 and he also found the leak in my transmission... he thinks he might be able to change it at the shop he works at. They do custom work on cars, but they have all the tools and stuff. So if I show up with a case of Beer and the parts I need, he will do it for no additional charge. So... all and all, it should be easy to get the car into as close to tip top shape as it can get...
This is a picture of Jaani and I at the top of Little Si. Behind us you can see Bri (James' Girlfriend) At the bottom of the hill you can kinda see North Bend.

This is James, Bri, Jaani, and I. Jaani decided to block James' head for the picture. He is kinda a camera hog. (and he snorts like one too)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Drama Queen Keeps it Up...

So, Evelyn decided today that she doesn't want me to talk to her, because I will never be and have never been her friend... This is because after dinner with her and Allister I decided that I was going to take her home (as opposed to bringing her with me to take Al home...
During dinner she kept trying to make me feel like s*** by saying things like I don't treat her like a human anymore and I never do anything for her (after I've been taking care of her needs all day.
Friday she got all pissy because I asked her to put gas in my tank to pick her up from work. It costs about $15... and she got all upset, and told me I was rubbing it in her face. Then today at dinner she kept telling me I rub everything in her face. At least Allister filled up my tank for all the driving I've done for him. He is a good friend, with good advice... she is a b**** with no common sense...
I suppose hind sight is always 20/20... and I always told myself that if my family doesn't like someone, then I know it won't work out... I've told myself to stay away from the air-head valley girl types... why didn't I listen to any of my own advice? why... boohoo... I suppose I just did something stupid.

Anyway... I'm not really beating myself up over the subject... it is just a mistake I have to live through, but things sure would be nicer if I listened to my mother.

so, I guess more lessons come from life. Don't live with the chick until you are really married... not just engaged. right? or is it not to get engaged to someone you are in an unbalanced (income wise) relationship with? or not to get married to someone your family doesn't like... or is it that I should have really gotten it when dad didn't like her... hmm I guess it is the first person that dad didn't like. and he likes Nicosia... hmm... perhaps it was that I should have stood up for myself more often, and never caved in when she started to cry... or not to marry an Indian girl who is completely against her culture until someone from outside the culture tries to get her to follow another culture... and as soon as they tell her to follow her own culture, picks and chooses the parts of the culture that are beneficial to her, and ignores the parts that restrict her... hmm... crazy stuff.

In the end there are a lot of lessons that I will probably be stupid and ignore from this series of unfortunate events, but I guess I am probably better at spotting these things now. maybe? who knows... I guess only time will tell.

As redgreen always said "we're all in this boat together, I'm reeling for you." I know I have people reeling for me.


Friday, May 18, 2007

This is hilarious!

hilarious edited video of Bush's state of the union address

I guess it isn't what he said, but it is a little closer to the truth than what he said... I think.

Where Have I been?

I thought this was pretty cool...

create your own personalized map of the USA
or check out ourCalifornia travel guide


I just got off the phone with Volt... it looks like I don't start work until the 28th... apparently due to the status of the project I am working on, Microsoft needs to have the background check done 2 business days before I start... and they require all contract positions to start on a Monday. So I am still not working until May 28th... I guess I still have to work at Labor Ready for another week... this sucks.



More Random Stuff...

Well, today is supposed to be my last week day before I start work on Monday... I guess everything depends on if my background check came back yet... As soon as that does, then I'll be ready to work.

Other than that, I'm just kinda sitting around the house listening to while I lounge around the house. I took Jaani for a walk earlier, and now I'm kinda bored. I picked up a book the other day called Testing Computer Software. Everyone at Microsoft seemed to recommend that, and this one book written by a guy at Microsoft specifically for Software Testers hired by Volt. I haven't gotten that one yet... they expressed a priority on this one... which so far seems to just be a refresher on a lot of the stuff I did while making my own programs. finding/testing function limits... what happens when you knowingly go outside the limits... and writing reports to summarize the errors. So far I feel really confident that I will already know what I'm doing when I start. So I'm happy.

I thought this was a really cool picture, because the city looks awesome in it, and if you don't already know who you're looking at, you can't tell. This was actually taken... some time right after we got back to Seattle... like within a couple days. I think the picture I put up yesterday was close, but taken out at the point of Alki, where this one is a little closer to the city, so the camera picked up all the lights better. It is one of my best night time pictures of a city.

This is my pet caterpillar... at least one of the dozen of them outside... it seems that at any point in time you can see a bunch of them outside... I've seen a lot of them the past couple weeks... I almost think it might be some type of tent caterpillar, but I'm really not sure... Wikipedia failed me on this one... I think... Monarch maybe? I'm not really sure ...

Anyway, I guess the only other thing I've been doing all day is editing Wikipedia. I've been working on the Wikiversity Software Testing Site, which the previous person who was writing it had put almost nothing on there, at least I started putting the kind of things that would lead someone to learn things... if not teach them something really basic. I always made fun of people who write text books... I'm picky about books I will say are good, but that doesn't really mean that I can write a good text book. That is the lesson I am learning. Although I do like the idea that I might actually teach someone something.

Anyway... I'm going back to reading more... Here is another picture:

this one is the pike market near at dusk. Taken from the intersection of Pike ST and 1st AVE. You can't see because this was taken on kind of a cloudy day, but the Olympic Mountains are in the background. Off to the left across the water you can see about where I took the night time picture of Seattle. The camera is looking west in this picture.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The rest of my home...

Well, last night I took some pictures of the inside... I thought I'd take some of what you can see from the outside. I guess I want to start though with the rest of the inside that I didn't take pictures of yet...

This is the infamous hallway which was not until recently pictured. There is a small coat closet on the left just before you go into the hallway, the bathroom is streight ahead, my room is to the right, and Evelyn's room is to the left. It really isn't all that exciting to see really, I guess it's just a little hall. it has a linen closet in it... just to the right of the bathroom door. it has... who really cares... you can see the kitchen table to the right, and my bass to the left. ok. next picture.

The next picture is one of my room. I just finished all my laundry related stuff today, and cleaned up to show my room at it's best. You can see this is Jaani's room too. Ev can't stand his snoring, so we sleep on the futon. you can also see my maze rug. it is kinda cool... I had to get it because it is the one thing from Ikea I've been saying I really want for like 2 & 1/2 years now. if you look carefully you can see the strap from one of the many backpacks I have crammed under my futon. Jaani is trying to kill the bear that I got Ev at the pistons VS Sonics game last December... he knows... good Jaani. Good Jaani.

Next we have my futon (again) but this time it is cleaned up. everything you can see (except the alarm clock) is from Ikea. The blanket is awesome! I recommend that anyone just splurge and spend the $60 bucks. It's so nice and huge! it's ridiculous, but it's so nice and soft and warm and yea... you want one. I spend a bit of time here reading. I guess I could use a reading lamp like the one I wish I brought from Michigan... it was so nice... and someone so stupid wouldn't let me bring it... grrr. anyway...
Here is another picture from last night... but I cleaned it up a little more today... I wonder if you can even really tell at all... but anyway... this is my replacement for a dresser. It works great, and I don't even have to get up to think about what I want to wear... unless it's in the closet... that's a different story, but I don't like to talk about that... but I can show you!

This is my closet. it has all my nice clothes, pants, underwear... that kind of stuff... it also has all my tools, and a water heater. You can see I never clean the little book shelf next to my bed... I have my drum... and my S.Y.R.U.P. commemorative 1st show thing on the wall. nothing all too exciting I suppose... also think I'm going to skip the bathroom... it's small... hardly has enough room... and we bought a shower head on a hose with adjustable settings and stuff... so lets start looking out the windows.
We have four windows to look out of. This is my bedroom window. I sit and watch for people to steal my car... then fall a sleep because nothing ever happens. You can't really see any of the Mexicans... but there are a lot of them here in the hood. outside the gate, you can see them all lining up by the white van that sells corn out of the back. Business is so good at the van that they actually put gold rims on it not that long ago. Everybody gathers out there about 4PM, and I've seen them there as late as 10PM. Although I think the van lady got arrested not that long ago... she hasn't been out there the past couple of days... I actually kinda wanted to try the food... and see if they have anything else other than corn on the cob on a stick.

This is the kitchen window. You can see my car off to the right, and some van (which might get towed today) next to it... people aren't too friendly about people taking there spot... most people just honk a couple of times, then call security or go up to the rental office... usually within about a half hour the car is towed. If the car weren't there, you could actually see the front gate to the apartment complex through the two buildings across the lot from me.

This is out the back side of the apartment. This is Evelyn's window. You can see the back of a strip mall down the hill, and you can also see the view shown out the sliding door. If you look closely you can see the hole that was cut in the fence... they fixed it with some wire not that long ago... it's kinda nice because people don't walk through our back yard as much at night... but at the same time, that would have been the best place for evelyn to cut across to Highway 99 to catch the bus in the morning... I also showed her a way that she can walk through the apartments and avoid all of the people who stair at her and yell out the window at her... I'm not sure that she took my advice though... I hope it doesn't get her hurt.

This is my awesome view of the public storage facility. James kept his stuff about half way down the first row there, and I sat and watched it from my window... at least when ever it looked like someone went near it. Jaani likes to pee on that rock just to the right of the fence post... and people occasionally walk there dog by... Jaani sits at attention until a dog sniffs his rock; then he barks at the dog... he must guard his rock at all cost. but it really doesn't go anywhere... and once he barks, no dog will dare pee on it. One time I told him his rock was in danger, and he actually ran to the door and started barking... I wonder if he actually knew what I was saying, or if he saw the other dog sniffing.

This is the back porch. I actually have two folding chairs... I should have put them out for the picture, but I guess I don't have a table yet. I like to sit out here and just vegetate every once and a while. Listen to traffic on 99... watch the planes fly over head... I think they are about the same distance up as when they fly over mom and dad's house. Jaani has a log... it's log, it's log, it's big, it's heavy, it's wood. it's log, it's log, it's better than bad, it's good! at least when it comes to holding Jaani from running after people, or going within throwing distance of those kids that like to provoke him, then throw stuff of the balcony at him... I also came to the conclusion that 40 feet was too long of a leash for Jaani... at least around here... so I wrapped it around the log a few times to take up some slack. On the left side, you can see my storage closet.

Here is what the inside of my little tiny storage closet looks like... You can see my bike is too big to keep the wheel on it when it's in there... and the handle bars of my bike have to be at almost a 45 degree angle for me to fit it in there... but it still fits... you can also see my two chairs... they actually are the same chairs I bought when I came out to Seattle last time, but I somehow don't think I'm going to loose these ones. The funny thing about this little closet is that I didn't have a key for it the first month I lived here. When we moved in, we found out the lock (on the apartment) was broken, and we had to have it changed, but they didn't change the lock on the storage closet. Well, they had some trouble getting in, but eventually they found the old key, and changed the lock to match the one on the apartment. all said and done, I'm confident nobody will break in and steal my bike.

I guess that is the tour of my apartment. I'll have to get some pictures from around Seattle up here soon, but for now, enjoy this view of Seattle at night, taken from Alki.

So... that's all I wrote. talk to you all some time. Stay out of trouble.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pictures of home

So, due to the request of mom, I decided to have a little pictorial tour of the apartment. It's not all that clean right now, but I guess that's the idea of a random photo shoot... to see what things are like when I am not planning on taking pictures. I must admit though that the place is a little messier than usual, but I have been too busy to clean... and god forbid my roommate lift a finger... but anyway... here is my place.

I guess I'll start with what you see when you walk in the front door (and look to the right)... We have Jaani's bed in front of the fire place because we really don't need a fire place in the summer. You can also see my $20 coffee table from Ikea. You will see that as you look around my apartment almost everything is from the as is section of Ikea. You can also see the tea set that Al got me from Taiwan... by basses are to the right... the TV which we never really watch... and yea... that's about it.

Next is the opposite wall of the living area. The leather couches that Evelyn's mom gave us are really nice... everybody loves to sleep on them. You cal also see my computer desk and lamp I got from Ikea... together they were almost $40, but I think it was worth it. I put the Jamacan guy on the wall over the computer... I hope we don't have an Earthquake and the head falls on my computer... that would suck. You can also see that I haven't gotten that far on the mat that I was knitting for Jaani... (the nifty knitter is under the table)

A close up of my computer shows where I spend as much of my time at home as possible. We have a wireless network range extender to allow me to connect to my neighbor's internet connection... shh don't tell. I just got the keyboard a couple days ago. It sure beats typing on the laptop, plus it has 2 USB ports on it so I can plug my mouse into the keyboard... and slide the tray with both of them under my desk. I guess the best part, and the best deal I've gotten so far, is the keyboard; which I payed 89 cents for at Boeing Surplus... I guess I should say Al payed 89 cents for... seeing how he had to use his employee discount to get that price.

When you move back behind the couches (at least the love seat) you can see the kitchen area. We have the navigational chart table from (at least as I know it) the Valley View house. I have the back bench from the Astro on one side and two chairs we got from Ikea on the other... when they have two more in the as is section I'll probably put the bench back in the van... but for now I suppose it helps to improve fuel economy. I also got the book shelf from Ikea's as is section, but the black table legs I got were new. I figured that $20 for four legs wasn't too bad. Off to the far right you can see my purple computer, which I'm waiting until I can set up a nice desk to put it on before I get it running again. Finally, you can see the bar that we have leading to the kitchen.

I guess the angle is really funny in this picture, but this is the other side of that bar I just wrote about. It is a sort of small counter on both sides of the stove, but I guess it is just about enough room to work nicely. We needed a cutting board, so I broke down and bought one, but that doesn't mean I don't still want the one from Michigan!!!! I only hope that soon it will really come in the mail. *nudge* *nudge* (mom)

This picture is the view of the other counter in the kitchen from on top of the microwave. we actually keep the clean dishes on the dish rack... I think we used our dish washer (directly under the dish rack) once. I put all of my magnets on the fridge. you can see my blue thermos on the counter there... it was new... but I didn't want a used one... it wasn't that much. The window in the picture looks out into the parking lot. I can see the car next to mine from here, or lean forward to see mine.

Next we actually go through the hall way that is not pictured to my room. Basically you just missed the bathroom, linen closet, and Evelyn's room. If you turn around from the picture of the kitchen, you would see the hallway. My bed is a mess... it's a futon from Ikea. I like it because the mattress is this nice foam, and the bed frame is cheap to replace in the event that it breaks (which is what usually happens.) Other than that, I have the book shelf I brought with me to Seattle, and a little dresser that I got in the as is section for about $15. The futon was the most expensive thing I got... I splurged and spent about $360 from my tax return on it... but it is so much better than what I was looking at on craigs list, plus... it beats the floor. I figure a good night sleep is key when you have to get up at 5AM to get under paid to do way too much work... (good thing that is ending)

And the last picture for the day is the other side of my room. This is a great way to increase closet space. The rolling closet thing was like $20 and it is made of almost all metal (except for the plastic wheels that you can replace with the free Ikea parts bin.) I also have two of those $6 closet organizers giving me the space to fold most of my clothes, but still hang some stuff on it... I have a closet, but I am hanging all of my nice stuff, and most of my pants/shorts are up on the shelf above the bar in the closet. to the right you can see my vacuum cleaner... I got it from Sears for... umm... I can't really remember... I know it wasn't too much, but it was a little more than I wanted to spend, but I guess it's better to have something with a ten year warranty. All the way to the left, you can see a window which looks directly out to my car.

So, I guess next time I'll have to take a picture of the closet, and my awesome view of the public storage facility from my back portch. next time I'll have to share some pictures from out side, but for now I'll leave you with this picture of Jaani in the wild up at the top of Mt Si.

That's it for now... I just want to note that my new camera is so much better than my old one. If you click on one of the pictures, it will bring up the full size image that the camera takes... it is great! plus everything seems clear. Thanks mom, it was a really good birthday/going away present!


Monday, May 14, 2007

I now work for the enemy. :)

So... last week on Thursday I had an Interview up in Redmond, and it turns out that I did something right!

I got a call for Volt today informing me that I have a position at Microsoft working as a Test Associate 2. this means they thought that I was better than the TA1 job I applied for! So... after talking with me, my new manager decided that despite having no testing experience I was very sharp, and have no trouble getting up to speed if I ""Hit the ground running!"

So, I'm excited... and while it's not software development it is testing.

Anyway... Right now all I know is that I have orientation tomorrow morning at 8AM in Redmond, and I am working on testing the Xbox live components of Halo 3. but it is really exciting.

Aside from that, this past weekend I actually celebrated my birthday, and went to the Ave (which is actually a Way up in the U-district) and we went bar hopping as a way to welcome all the MSU guys out here, while celebrating my birthday, and wishing James a good trip to Cali for business. We ended up at 7 different bars over the night, plus toured the campus a little just to give us all a break from the beer for a bit.

Over all, it's been a pretty good week despite rising tension between myself and a certain B**** of a room-mate I have. Yesterday I got yelled at for: making my own plans for dinner, she left her bedroom door open and the dog pissed on her freshly cleaned laundry, I didn't keep the pee smelling laundry hamper in my room when I went to sleep, and I said that none of these things were my fault... big fight... she gets all embarrassed because she talks her way into a corner that makes her look bad, I take the opportunity to tell her how much of a stupid B**** she is... good night.

anyway... I'm not letting it get to me... tomorrow I will have a real excuse so that she won't be able to argue and call me an A** hole for not driving her to work, because I myself must go to Redmond for an interview at a job that pays me more than she makes. it seems lately she has been telling me that it isn't important for me to go to Labor Ready because it doesn't pay a lot of money... and I keep telling her that it does matter because there is no way in hell she will have all of rent for next month without my half (I, on the other hand, am completely prepared and even expecting her to be a total B**** and try to screw me over by moving out before the 1st.) She keeps threatening to move out and not stay here until next month. I talked to the rental office, and they said that if she does that, then they will only charge her for breach of contract if I agree to a different lease. which won't bother me at all... the apartments here are nice, it's just that some of the residents are kinda shady and lower class. but I'm not really worried about them breaking in as much as some sort of confrontation happening that gets dangerous... but so far so good.

all right, that's my story for now...


Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Email forward from about 2001

There was a writer who wanted to create important literature. He wanted to write words that would be read by many people. He wanted to write words that would make people laugh, words that would make them cry, words that would make them angry, words that would make them shake their heads in sorrow. He found the job he was looking for. He now writes error messages for Microsoft.

He he... I just read this in a book I'm reading about debugging strategies for .NET developers. I thought is was priceless.

another good anonymous quote was:

Did you hear about the programmer who drowned at the beach? There was a full complement of marines near by, but none of them offered to help since they couldn't understand why the programmer was shouting "F1, F1!"

ah... techie humor

Other than reading today, I was also watching a documentary called "Why we Fight" that I rented from Blockbuster. It shines an interesting light on the role of the CIA, arms manufacturers, think thanks, and how they all come together.

Think about this for example: the production of the B2 bomber employs at least 100 people from each state. This means that if the B2 bomber isn't made anymore, a politician will lose 500 or more votes in each state. One vote for the person who loses their job, and all of that person's family. This means that in order to keep the public happy, a politician has to keep making a B2 bomber...

The documentary had a representative from Boeing state the number of people in each state employed by the B2 bomber... it also had a California senator from 2003 state that for every job lost, a politician loses five votes...

So, my thought is, if you purchase a bomber, you need to use it in order to justify the cost of purchasing a bomber. You can't make a bomber without knowing that it will be sold. You can't use a bomber without making bombs, and then the bomb has to be used... this means you have to go to war in order to use the bomb. Bush did say that we didn't go to Iraq because of 911... So why did we go into Iraq?

I think the problem is that not enough Americans care about what we are doing to realize the lessons learned by the Roman Empire... in order to control a world wide empire you need a standing army (which we have)... President George Washington claimed that a large standing army would destroy the Ideals which he wanted to uphold...

Eisenhower had a good speech:

...In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the militaryindustrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist... We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizen can compel the proper meshing the of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals so that security and liberty may prosper together.
-President Dwight D. Eisenhower's farewell address

anyway... that's my thought.

oh, and on the productive side of things today, I finally spoke with someone at Volt about positions at Microsoft that I could have a chance at being hired for. Wish me luck!


Monday, May 7, 2007

Getting settled...

well, We've been moved in for a while now.

we finally started to get settled down with everything we need. we have a comfortable little apartment with all the things we need.

Evelyn and I broke up. which kinda needed to happen... and her boyfriend just broke up with her... haha... she is all upset about it now, and I can hardly stop myself from telling her I told you so. she is starting work tomorrow. she still depends on me for just about everything, but I guess she will figure things out really quick once I get a job where I have to be there on time every day...

anyway... I've been working for Labor Ready. they do temporary manual labor jobs. it doesn't pay very well, but it will keep at least a little money in my pocket until I get a real job.

I enjoy being back in Seattle. today was sunny all day long. I just had to drive up to green lake to take Jaani for a walk. it was fun.

Ev and I are getting along pretty well. I am pretty sure that I'll be able to put up with her for the rest of the lease.

If I can find a good job, I was thinking about the possibility of buying a house in Bremerton (at the end of the lease.) it's a ways out of town, but for $140 a month I can get a pass to take the ferry and bus system to work and stuff. it would be neat. plus it's a nice place to live.

anyway, that's all for now.