Monday, September 26, 2005

my muscles hurt alot

yesterday we hiked up a 2700 ft mountain... rode our bikes 2 miles on tapeworm... which is a really technical trail... and ran a little over a mile... today i finished cleaning out my old apparttment, and i'm getting ready to finish moving to ellensburg! we've decided that sunday is a good day for James Tiffany and I to over-exhert ourselves... and in keeping with it... we're going to climb tiger mountain next weekend... and go hiking/fishing/sailing in tahuya in a couple weeks... life is good... and soon enough I'll be in really good shape!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Rock slide on the pass!

today Roy and I were driving out to Sqwimm... out at the mouth on the Hood canal... north end of the olympic penninsula. we left at 10AM to descover that I-90 was closed due to a rock slide! 3 girls on their was home from the gordge were killed... We had to bo back around and up to Steven's pass. which was a great scenic drive, but took us 8 hours to go around due to the large volume of traffic on the road. It turns out that when snoqualmie pass is shut down, half of the state of washington goes into gridlock... but I guess that it didn't help to have weekend traffic heading back into seattle as well as traffic from rodeo weekend and a concert at the gordge. I got to witness the first time that roy saw his brother and sister in years... and it was an enjoyable time for all.

Thursday, September 8, 2005

What's it Tahuya!

James and I went fishin out on the hook of the hood canal... but we didn't catch any fish... we think we should go back in october when the salmon are going up stream... it was nice to meet his parents, sister, and nieces... and we got to row the boat around in the canal... Tahuya is a beautiful area... I can't wait to go back