Thursday, September 27, 2007

Getting Coffee in The Redmond Town Center

Mass Effect (the game I'm working on) has gone into RC (realease Candidate) mode! Which brings one thing to mind... coffee!

I just realized there are 16 Starbucks related coffee places within walking distance of my office.

11 of which (one on each floor of the 3 buildings) are starbucks coffee machines that offer freshly brewed cups of coffee. Just push a button for size, type (left coffee (regular), right coffee (decaf) or hot chololate) and it grinds the beans, brews a single cup, and despenses it into your cup... dumping the used beans into a trash can underneath it. These are located in the mini-cafeterias where they keep a microwave, disposable dishes and cutlery, and the fridges that contain free pop and juice.

Then each of the 3 buildings there is a Starbucks coffee shop in the cafeteria. Here I can also get a nice healthy meal if I don't feel like going to one of the other 15 places to eat (within walking distance).

Plus in the Mall there is a starbucks in the food court, and another one over by Fat Burger (where they buy us lunch on the weekends, and yea... it really is named Fat Burger), Blimpie Sub, some thi place, Subway, Taco Time, Dairy Queen, and McDonalds... and the list goes on...

So, keep in mind as I work through another RC in the Game Industry... I'm walking up and down 3 floors of stairs four times a day... and walking a little to get my food every day... and having slim fast for breakfast... and not eating a lot for dinner... I do get more exercise than I did at Bungie... and the work environment is better too!

Anyway... that's an update for now.


Friday, September 21, 2007

New internet connection!!!

we just had comcast hook up a new internet connection today, it's great!

I'm happy to be back online again... from home at least.

Work is good, I think my term at GTO will be extended, which looks really good for both Microsoft and Volt. I'm happy about it. My manager was impressed that not only could I answer almost all the questions he had for me, but I also could find the answers to the ones I didn't know within a few minutes. it looks like all the time I spend playing with google has helped my ability to find what I need when I need it.

Other than that, I'm happy to have my new car! it's awesome! so far I am averaging about 10mpg better than the Astro! Which means that I am spending somewhere around $100 less per month on gas! I think, that's what I'm estimating... I get about 26mpg... and after doing the math, the astro got just under 16mpg... most of my driving is just to and from work... 6 days a week... I'm averaging about 58 hours a week.

anyway... work work work... isn't that what dad always said? anyway, I guess I'm finally listening to him.

anyhow, I work in the morning. goodnight.


Thursday, September 6, 2007

My New Job

I started my new job on tuesday, and I love it. They moved me over to GTO to work on an RPG called Mass Effect. It's a good game, but really what I'm happy about is having an office. I share it with one other person, but it still feels like a promotion from Bungie.

I currently don't have internet access from home, and I'm at work right now, but that's just a little update... I went hiking last weekend, and it felt good to have three whole days in a row off.

Other than that... pretty much normal.