Wednesday, February 24, 2010

One Week to go

     So, I guess I have really been neglecting my blogs too much.  Blogger in draft seems to have been updated with new buttons like insert video, define/translate, and insert jump break.  For those of you who are interested, my page visits have gone down by 59%.... also, my bounce rate has increased by 6%.  It really is a shame when I stop updating by blog, but I think this year I might be able to get through to more people with the addition to Buzz as a medium to read my blog through.  At least I assume Buzz will post my blog posts automatically... oh well... 2010 is an interesting year.  It got off to a good start, and I have a job now... but that's where that whole one week to go title came from.

   As it turns out, I loose my job next week.  That silly 1 year maximum contract length rule that Microsoft unfortunately enforces has struck again!  I guess I can't really blame Microsoft though.  After all, it was the disgruntled contract workers from that class action lawsuit that are to blame for the troublesome policy.  Because those guys were bitter about having the same job for years (and getting paid half of what the full time employees they work with get) every contractor must suffer both getting paid even less and then we all have to lose our job for 100 days every year.  It really sucks.

     So, what will I do this year?  I don't really know that kind of stuff.  I suppose I'll find out next Friday.  I'm sure this will kinda start the blogging season for me again.  After all, I do typically update once or twice a day when I am not working at the good old MS.

     So, what can I blog about this year?  oh god... so much.  like that sunny weekend I just had, or the fact that the rain came back.  I guess have some of the usual content for this blog, but I really want to develop my tech blog to actually talk about cool tech... like Linux stuff: virtualization, VM managers, other cloud computing stuff... I might even start my webcam back up.  I know it's been down for so long now.  I guess I just got tired of having a camera pointed at me all the time... even though it's still not like I'm famous.

   Other than that stuff, I guess I am looking for ideas of what people want to hear about from me.

So, if you have any ideas, I guess blogging season will begin next Friday.