Monday, July 4, 2005

Happy 4th of July!

The fireworks were amazing! apparently Indians are allowed to buy commercial land, and declare it an indian reservation while they own it. This allows them to build casinos, and launch off all the fireworks they want. The sky was covered with flashes of all colors. I chose a spot right on top of Renton hill, which is the hill right next to mine to the West. We hiked up the hill (400 ft Vertical climb), where we could see Bellevue, ENE... Boeing Plant, NNE... Seattle shows N... Skyway NNW... and Seatac NW... in between each of the main firework shows were skattered flares and booms... all night the sounds of distant noises rang as we headed south into Maple Valley for a party out in the Sticks... As we got up higher (a steady climb as we move SE toward the cascade mountains) we could smell all of the smoke, and a fog started covering the road. We enjoyed a band playing and some good old "plastic cup politics," so to speak, until we were ready to retire.