Friday, September 21, 2007

New internet connection!!!

we just had comcast hook up a new internet connection today, it's great!

I'm happy to be back online again... from home at least.

Work is good, I think my term at GTO will be extended, which looks really good for both Microsoft and Volt. I'm happy about it. My manager was impressed that not only could I answer almost all the questions he had for me, but I also could find the answers to the ones I didn't know within a few minutes. it looks like all the time I spend playing with google has helped my ability to find what I need when I need it.

Other than that, I'm happy to have my new car! it's awesome! so far I am averaging about 10mpg better than the Astro! Which means that I am spending somewhere around $100 less per month on gas! I think, that's what I'm estimating... I get about 26mpg... and after doing the math, the astro got just under 16mpg... most of my driving is just to and from work... 6 days a week... I'm averaging about 58 hours a week.

anyway... work work work... isn't that what dad always said? anyway, I guess I'm finally listening to him.

anyhow, I work in the morning. goodnight.