Thursday, October 25, 2007

updateing from the office/hallway

so, I have named our office room H2... because it's the hallway to the H room. anyway, right now I am sitting at my computer station drinking a beer and listening to Ne-yo perform in the H room... which is kind of the lunch room for the building. I can actually see Ne-Yo from my seat... I guess it's a shame I don't really want to listen to him. But there are many worse things that work could make me do.

Other than that... just uploading pictures of artists with a name that starts anywhere from S to Z. There are about 900 of them in the database, and I'm somewhere around # 120 or something... It goes kinda quick.

anyway... I will probably have to leave soon to go take care of my dog, but it doesn't make much of a difference if I leave now, or in an hour... if I leave now, I have to sit in more traffic... if I leave in about an hour, then traffic will be much better.

anyway, that's a little update for you...