Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Update on the Jaani Basket mounting mechanism...

So, I have a little update on the mounting mechanism for the Jaani basket project.  Because I have waged a war on zip ties (those who I work with would understand this ...  I decided I didn't like the zip tie solution.

Also, that solution was a little too permanently attached.  To remedy the solution, I went down to Home Depot (it made me think of dad...)  and I got 2 U bolts, 6 compression screws, a couple of washers, and my father was kind enough to donate a handful of little L-brackets to my tool set when I left Michigan...  Thanks Dad!

So, the entire thing hold the basket on to the back of the bike pretty well.  I think I will get some of that rubber grippy stuff just to prevent it from sliding and to eliminate a rattling sound that it makes when I ride around, but I think it will make the basket much more practical...

also, wicker baskets are not that aerodynamic, and the entire way home from Renton, I thought the basket was going to rip off of the bike...

So, now I can take it off and put it in my car.

So, that's my latest story, and I'm stickin to it for now.