Sunday, April 24, 2016

My post politically active year ever!

     So, aside from being a vocal Bernie Sanders supporter, I have also participated in more aspects of the social process than ever before.  I have been a regular contributor by making small $10 weekly payments to Bernie's Campaign, and I've even engaged in phone banking (an activity that I absolutely despise.)  All because I feel like for the first time in my life, a political figure actually represents my views.  However, I have been learning a lot about Hillary supporters in this process, and I would like to take a few minutes to describe what I am hearing from them.

     First of all, there is not much (if any) talk about what actual policies Hillary supports.  The vast majority of people I speak with just say they want to vote for her, and usually say they don't have a reason.  Honestly, who can blame them.  News channels like CNN and MSNBC only cover how much Hillary disagrees with the other candidates, but there is never any talk about what Hillary is planning to do.  She just talks about how she is being attacked by Bernie Sanders, who has tried more than any other candidate to keep the debate about policy issues, but she has only engaged in mud slinging.

     If her time as First Lady, A Senator, or as Secretary of State are any indication of what to expect, then we can rest assured it will be a year dominated by news of the various scandals she is involved with.  We can rest assured that she will continue to deregulate the banks, and we can be certain that the countless wars we actively engage in will continue to receive more tax dollars year after year.  Furthermore, the TPP would be signed, and tax loopholes would be expanded to provide new alternatives to Panama, now that recent events have exposed that loophole.  Our healthcare system would continue as is, and she would make more grants available to finance college education; both of these are part of the problem leading to astronomical College tuition rates and healthcare costs.  This is what we should expect if Hillary does exactly what she has been doing throughout her career.

     I have not talked with a single Hilary supporter who understands what Hillary will do, nor can they even explain what she claims she will do.  Again, who could blame them.  In order to figure out what her claims are, you need to sift through pages of empty campaign slogans and glittering prizes, and you still won't read much about what she actually plans to do.  Most of the time, especially in terms of campaign finance, you are looking at a candidate who benefits greatly from Citizens United and secret funding from Super Pacs; not to mention that she gets sanctioned for campaign finance violations in every campaign she has run.  However, thanks to the Clinton Defence Fund, she can just treat these pesky fines as the cost of doing business as usual.  If she did bring campaign finance reform, it would most likely be in the form of opening up contributions so she wouldn't have to pay so much in court fees and sanctions.

     One thing Hillary has established, is that she knows how to speak out against the ideas of others, but where she is lacking is the actual follow through on her own views.  She considers contacting your state representatives and asking them to support your candidate "harassing the Super Delegates."  She calls Bernie Sanders unqualified with no basis, and then claims she is being viciously attacked when Bernie said taking tens of millions in campaign funds from special interest groups through her Super PACs makes her unqualified; he claims that supporting the Panama Free Trade Agreement makes her unqualified.  Honestly, based on her campaign claims from her own website, she is claiming that she will eliminate the very things that have allowed her to run for president.

I cold continue to go on, and honestly, when it comes to the issues she lists on her own site, nearly every one of them is in direct contradiction to the actions she has taken throughout her political career.  Honestly, I can't go through all 30 of them here, but I encourage you to do some fact checking, and see what she has actually done.  You , may be suprised to find that while many of the points she makes on her site seem good on the surface, she does not have a plan to achieve any of them, and history has shown that she typically voted against these views in the past; with a few exceptions like Alzheimer's, sexual assault, and disability rights.  However, those are no-brainer issues that have not even come up during the campaign; additionally, everyone agrees with those points.

In closing, Anonymous has a great video that lists the scandals that Hillary was involved in.  While I admit some of these are not substantiated claims, but it was proven that she repeatedly lied to the public, she pardoned FALN terrorists, and repeatedly committed record setting campaign fraud offenses.  Anyway, take a look at this video, and judge for yourself.