Friday, October 14, 2005

Mt Si... here I come

I've decided that I like hiking Mt Si... near North Bend... the last city you pass as you are heading East down I90 into the Mountains from Seattle... the climb is a few thousand feet... over four or so miles... James and I were very happy to make it up and back down in just under two hours. Today I speed walked 2 laps around green lake in just under an hour (5 miles). which is about twice my normal walking speed. then we went for a ride up at TapeWorm (just at the top of the hill.) although I was pooped by the time we went for the bike ride... it was alot of fun... and I hope I can keep up with the phisical work. Scott told me the other day that I need to come up with a 10 year plan... and then break it into two separate 5 year plans... I think the Idea should be continued with 2.5... 1.25... .625... and so on until it leads me to a conclusion of what I need to do now... which seems to be the most practical idea for me... so far the Idea leads me to think I need a short term job... and a plan for a PHD... but that is really something that needs more thinking... apparently just planning on studying AI engines based around game theory isn't enough.