Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Over the Mountains and back again...

Well, This past month, I've been moving all of my stuff over to Ellensburg from Renton... and I just realized that I don't want to live with the people I'm moving in with... I mean, they put up a great front... and can hide their problems from people who aren't living with them... but between the stuff I'm missing (T-shirts... wool socks... 2GB RAM...), their lack of monetary common sense, and the apparent drug problem which I have recently become aware of... I think it's time I take my leave... lucky for me, my friends are willing to help me out in my time of need... and give me somewhere to live in exchange for... well, they request nothing... so I will just see to it that they benefit from me living in their basement. the room they have given me works... although I don't think I can honestly call it nice... you see, the house is about 100 years old (literally) and has seen better days... in fact I feel that any type of earthquake would bring it down... so I have an escape plan laid out. now all I have to do is hope I don't need to attempt to execute it. however... aside from a messy room mate... things are good here... and I feel that these people not only are better to live with than Roy and Joy... but they are also more ambitious... and reliable... and trustworthy... and yea... they're cool too!