Tuesday, February 27, 2007

No Cream in my coffee!!!

Today I came downstairs to find that all of my coffee cream was gone... when I went to use the trash I saw the empty container sitting there. Normally if I were responsible for this it wouldn't bother me... Evelyn knows how much my morning coffee means to me... so she wouldn't do it...

I guess what bothers me the most is that my brother is such as ass hole. He drank over half my French vanilla coffee cream... and then has the audacity to tell me that I have everything paid for while he eats a sandwich made from bread I bought...

The other thing is that I just bought the cream a couple days ago. Normally that same sized container will last me over a week, but it only lasted a few days. You would think that... god dammit, I hate my family.... 'cept my Dad... he never does anything wrong... and he provides everything too. but my brother is a pompous ass hole... my mom bitches and screams about everything... Susie always leaves her kid here and tries to volunteer me to watch her kid... I guess nothing is really wrong with Sally and Sheila... but I never see them... and I just want to go back to Seattle.

This really is the last straw. I want out of this fucking state... Michigan sucks... there is nothing to do (unless you want to go to the bar or sit around watching TV)... no good jobs... it's cold... and I miss Seattle so much.

Well anyway... I get to go get dad from the air port today. Evelyn will probably go with me. I don't know when mom is coming home... but I know she is driving.

Other than that... I've been looking around at new (to me) cars... I kinda like the idea of a used Cadillac... that would be nice... but who knows right now. things are kinda crazy.

so, that's how my day started.