Saturday, March 3, 2007

mom is back

well, today mom got back from her vacation. It seems that she got stuck in traffic on US 23 just after she got back into Michigan. apparently there was some sort of accident that stopped her for a while.

Ev and I went shopping today. Guess had a closing sale at Great Lakes Crossing... so we went to see if anything was worth getting... and I had a $10 coupon for Old Navy (Banana republic or Gap as well).

after shopping we went to Mongolian Barbecue for dinner...

I guess not too much has been going on. Ev has been upset because her friend is upset with her getting engaged to me... oops.

It has created a little bit of drama between us. which is annoying. he calls her constantly, and they have been talking on the phone almost every waking moment.

I have been trying to figure out how long it will take for me to get back to Seattle. I really want to get out of the cold, but I want to say goodbye to everyone before I leave (again)... I suppose I wish that I had spent more time with my friends, but Ev doesn't think that any of them are her type... she hasn't exactly tried to get along with anyone here... which is not very good, but what can I do...

anyway, that's my thoughts in a nutshell.

Later, SteveO