Monday, November 26, 2007

New job, and I have a view!

It's my first day here at Oberon Media, and I have a wonderful view of the Olympic Mountains from my desk. We are up on the 10th floor, and there are only a couple buildings that block my view of the water. One of them is only a block away, but I can almost see the entire mountain range off to the right, and I have clear view across Elliot bay to the South West.

My building is very easy to recognize on the skyline. It's the big black one with the slanted roof. 2101 4th ave. which makes me only 5 blocks away from the water.

It also seems that I save time by taking the bus to work, and a nice lady who lives in my apartment complex walks the same way to work as I do. So it's nice to have a short walk to the bus, a one hour ride, then a 3 block walk on level ground to the office building. I can tell I'll be begging for a rain coat when the rain really starts, but at least there are a bunch of places to eat near by (along with a pretty good sushi place.

Anyway... my lunch is about over.