Tuesday, January 29, 2008

good old RvB...

I finally finished watching all 102 episodes, plus all the bonus footage from Red vs Blue (aka RvB)... the epic tale of the red team and the blue team talking about beating the each other. The Blood Gulch Chronicles tells the story of eight people, one jeep type vehicle known as a warthog, a tank (that talks)... an alien baby... a bomb (that talks)... and miscellaneous guest appearances... it really is an awesome series. I had watched all the episodes before, but I decided to put my $10 to good use and re-watch the whole story in my spare time. If you want to check out what the whole story is about just Click Here.

Just as a pre-view, here is my favorite episode that is still available online:

Other than that, I guess in a way we are snowed in... and by we I mean the entire population of Western Washington and Northern Oregon... and by snowed in I mean we can't cross over the mountains heading East, North, or South. It really is kind of crazy. The snow has been falling in the mountains in record amounts for days now. Both passes across the Cascades are closed due to avalanche conditions. There was an avalanche at Snoqualmie pass that closed I-90 and one in the middle of Oregon that closed I-5. The snow has slowed down to an inch per hour, so they think Snoqualmie pass will open in a day or two. In the mean time, they are setting off explosions in the mountains to cause controlled avalanches to prevent the snow from piling up in key areas where it can cover the road again, and every hour a police escorted group of people are coming down from the mountain pass. Hundreds of people are stranded up there (in the town) and unable to drive their cars down through the snow.

On the lighter side the ski resort on Snoqualmie pass is milking all the stranded people for what they've got! No, not really, people are getting discounted lift passes to encourage them to come back up even if they think they will be stranded. The remainder of the ski season, which is looking to be one of the best in years, should make up for any losses. Steven's pass (to the North) and White pass (to the South) are both in similar situations, except my friend James was lucky enough to get stranded at White pass.... he has been on his board for 6 days now. Every day, sun rise to sun set (which is like 2 or 3 times down the mountain a day)... lucky guy, trapped on the mountain with three beautiful women... Sometimes I wonder why I didn't go... oh yea, that's right, I had a job interview because Volt Sucks! Just like Red Sucks!

So, other than that, I think I'm going to bed. Be sure to watch some of the episodes of RvB!