Monday, January 21, 2008

Stupid Volt...

Sometimes it is really hard to deal with Volt. I have 5 different people from Volt talking to me now. I had 2 interviews today... and another person called me, making a grand total of 6 people from Volt. I don't know why these people call me and ask me if I am looking for a position if they don't have one to fill. It is like they just want to call someone to talk about their technical skills and then say, "ok, well, I'll keep an eye out in our database..." As if I hadn't been asked the same set of questions by four or five other people at that company. It really gets frustrating. I really just wish they would write it down the first time they ask. Which it seems like someone finally did that.
The person who called me today was able to tell me that the notes on my profile in their database suggested that I would be a good fit for a build engineer position, however, she didn't want to submit my resume, despite the fact that I asked her to several times, for the position. She wanted to wait to hear the results of the interview I had through Volt today. I told her, I do not think I will take it unless they are willing to pay me more. $13 / hour for a STE position is ridiculous. I have had several offers for STE positions paying at least $16, and that was the lowest. People with half of my technical knowledge get payed over $20 for those types of positions... I know, I've worked with them, and they told me that.
In a way, I really hope that I don't get the STE position. Build engineer would be exactly what I'm looking for, and I would be able to get at least $16 plus, I would get to do some scripting.
On the other hand, I need to start working. really really bad, and in the long run, I think it would be much more worth while to wait for a higher paying position, but if she won't submit my resume now, it will take at least a week to hear back to see if I can even get an interview.
Part of me wants to just come out and say either submit the resume, or don't waste my time with stupid phone calls. I guess the worst part now is that I won't even make rent if I start work by the end of the week... Unless I go to Labor Ready... then I might be able to make it... but then I won't have any time to interview for a real job... and I still wouldn't make all my bills.
This is the worst part about contract jobs. Anyway... back to the old drawing board.