Saturday, May 17, 2008

90 degrees outside, and 81 degrees inside... hot day!

I walked outside today, and my building looked like this:

It was really nice when I finally got out this morning, so Jaani and I walked up the river to the bridge on the trail. It was a nice walk. Jaani and I usually go the other way because going up river there are a lot of run off streams and little beach areas to keep Jaani cool.

I took this picture from the little beach under the bridge. The river is very hight today, only 7 or 8 inches below the trail in some spots, but that is kinda normal this time of year with all of the melting going on at Mt Rainier. The water is ice cold, and just what Jaani needs to cool off his fur while we were walking.

I was fine with a bottle of water, and Jaani liked water too, but he was really happy to just spend about 5 or 10 minutes laying down in the water. I have to say I can't blame him, I took my shoes off and stood in the water for a little bit myself.

It feels like summer out here. This heat wave just came out of nowhere, and boom, we have nice weather. I hope it keeps up through tomorrow, that would be just perfect.

so, there's a little update for today, I noticed the links I put up on twitter got converted so they weren't links anymore, so here are the links to my blog album, and my travels album.

I have Geo-tagged all the pictures. So there is a map view of each album where you can look at a map, and each picture is positioned on the map, or you can click on an individual picture, and see a map of where that picture is from down on the right side of the page. I like the feature a lot, and I feel it gives more significance to the pictures.

That's all for now, it's still too nice outside to be stuck indoors.