Friday, May 16, 2008

It was such a nice day today! It was hot and sunny... I admit yesterday was nicer (that is actually when I took the picture above) [nicer] in a more comfortable kind of way, but it sure was nice to just get outside! I started my day (after work) with Jaani's usual walk on the Cedar River trail.

Speaking of work... Unfortunately I have to admit spent most of my day here:
At least this is what my view was like...

when I really wish I was here:
Grand View dog park, looking at Mt Rainier.

However, I have to say that I did enjoy getting out today, Jaani got to run around off the leash, and I walked casually around the park.

It was nice to put on some sandals and shorts, along with this shirt that I am pretty sure came from the Bahamas or something.. where ever it came from, it sure is a good shirt for hot sunny days!

So, that is a few pictures to show where I hang out when it's nice outside. I even walk the trail when the weather is not so nice.

Tomorrow I am going to put an ad on craig's list for the astro, I just want to blur out the license plate number on the picture I took of the back of the car.

anyway, until next post, watch the twitter feed, and I intend on adding some new pictures to my Picasa web album at some time this weekend. I will probably post which albums they are in.