Saturday, September 13, 2008

So... the 3.0 crunch is almost over!

I'm at work.  Still...

So, We only have to work about 3 or 4 hours today... basically we just need to run a sanity pass...

Then we get ready to ship!  So, I know I get next weekend off.  I get tomorrow off too!

Just to recap... I had the 1st off... other than that, I've worked every day sense August 25th.  So at least the crunch is almost over!

So, other than that... Jaani has been hating me... and I really haven't had much of a social life other than going to the bar for James' birthday... but that puts be back into the situation I was in last summer, where I made a lot of money, but never had time to spend it.  So, it really just makes sure I can save money.

I guess, things are good.  A little repetitive... but not bad.  I'll be going home in a couple hours, then I'll be off tomorrow.

Anyway... that's a quick update...