Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What's new with me...

Well, lately I've been keeping too busy.  I've been doing my usual Ubuntu nightly build testing at home... I've been testing out Google's new Chrome web browser... (which is the coolest thing ever... aside from the lack of plugins...)  I worked last weekend...  I had Monday off to be a bump on my couch... I found a few family members on facebook to add as friends... I added about 30+ people from St Hugo... (Who would ever think I would be able to find people from elementary school 10 years later...)  plus, which I'm really excited about (not that finding out that nobody I knew in Michigan lives in Seattle isn't cool in it's own kind of way...)  I have nearly labeled every face in my Picasa photo collection.  hehe...

Now, if someone wants pictures that I have of them, I can simply perform a search for that person, and pull up all the pictures.  Plus I found out that I am extremely vein or something because I have 344 pictures with my face in them.  I also have 337 with Evelyn's face... and trailing behind that I have 68 pictures with my brother's face.  kind of crazy.

I guess the interesting thing is that while I can see all those pictures, I really can't tell you how many are public... actually I could look it up, but I don't want to.

So... that's what I've been doing.  I will be working again this weekend.  I might even start talking to more people on facebook.  I have like 100 something friends now... and yea, I am too busy for my own good...

ok, so that's all for now.