Saturday, October 25, 2008

I recently started working with virtual machines again, and I finally got the new seamless integration of windows xp inside the new ubuntu beta release candidate today!  I am so happy.  So, just to explain what this is a picture of... you will notice that the background image is the defailt background for ubuntu intrepid ibex (and ibex is a mountain goat with the really long curly horns).. along the top of the screen is the Ubuntu applications menu and quick links, across the very bottom is the ubuntu application bar, and just above that you have the windows xp appication bar.  In other words, you are looking at windows and Linux running at the same time on the same machine.  and I can run applications from either one at any time. 

I am sort of proud of this, even though it wasn't hard. 

So, why would I do this?  because netflix's streaming functionality only works in internet explorer with windows media player 11.  (neither of which really run well in Linux...)  so I needed this setup in order to watch my netflix movies in Linux... which I needed to do so I could stream netflix movies in full screen (because my windows laptop doesn't work with wide screen perspective... and this was a hell of a lot easier than making that work.  plus it's just really cool to have a machine I can run any windows or linux app from.

so... that's all. just remember I am awesome for doing this.