Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Where My Friends are According to Facebook

     So, interesting little thing.  After all these years of using Facebook, I've managed to gather several maps just like the one to the left.  The maps show the general locations of where my Facebook friends are at.  I was thinking I might just make a video of where everyone has moved to and from over time, but in the mean time, it's interesting to look at.

     What caught my eye about the newest map is how, according to Facebook, there is no place in the USA where I am more than about 400 miles away from a friend; unless I go to Northern Texas or North Dakota, I'll be even closer than that.  In reality, I would never be more than about 300 miles away, if you include my friends in SE Colorado, Northern California, South Dakota, and Salt Lake City that don't use Facebook.

     So, there's a little update about what I'm thinking about right now.  Also, while on the subject of Facebook friends, I find it odd that I have 324 friends on Facebook.  That number is really just a running total of all the people I have interacted with (in person) long enough to remember their name (plus a few people I have never met that share my last name), but it just seems odd to have that many people listed as friends when I only interact with a small group on a regular basis.  Perhaps I should begin to reevaluate the criteria for who is my Facebook friend, but if I did that, then I might not be able to find some random person I haven't seen in the past decade.