Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Memoirs of the Pressman

     By the light of my lamp I sit and type... the smoke from a cigarette that burned out some time last year rose from the table, and swirled around the cup of the lamp shade.  I remember days of playing my bass and feeding off of the crowd... listening to Primus... I do the latter more than the former these days.  My writing ends up published on the web rather than buried deep in the pages of a 4X8 inch spiral bound journal covered in pseudo-symmetric doodles... yes - that's the way I roll.  Yet, while I miss it all, I don't miss a thing.  I'm happy to move on to the new things...

     I still find myself inspired by the same things... a random beat, or remembering some crazy explanation of why some song is my favorite...  I like the mood or tone... the sound of deadlines whooshing by... it's some sort of obscure reference that ties two unrelated things together based on a word... like the word deadlines for example...  which ties together the song Pressman with a Douglas Adams quote...  my favorite parts of Pork Soda and Adams... for what it's worth.

     For something completely different, yet not so much - I still find it funny how often I need to explain where frizzlefry comes from.  In some way, it's a testament to how deep by lack of creativity and originality goes, but at the same time... everyone thinks my screen name is short for I am the...  I guess that makes me some what original.  In some small and mostly insignificant way.

    The times have changed... my hair got shorter, but I still remember what it was like to party... of coarse these days it would take me a week to recover from one night of drinking the way I used to every night... I don't smoke anymore... I live 3000 miles... ok, you caught me 2700 miles from where I used to live... although I still have an enormous amount of pride in where I came from... I say I'm from the D... don't F*%! with me... although I'm from the northern suburbs... the city of tomorrow today... the home of automation alley...  but my school mascot is a colt... I swear it's not the mammal.

Anyway... funny tone and all tonight.  I couldn't find a good picture either.  So, I'll call this a post, and maybe someone new will read it.