Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Camping, and then they leave...


I finally got to go camping! Joy, Roy, and I all went camping in Mt Rainier National Park. We drove to a campsite along the Carbon River, which is run-off from the Carbon Glacier. We took a hike over to a waterfall and back after we set up camp, then we went back to start our fire. The campsite was in the river valley between Chenuis and Mother Mountain. The rain started shortly after we got out fire going, and kept up on and off all night. We came prepared, knowing the the weather in Washington is always rainy. The next day, after taking a picture of Roy and Joy sitting on a log, Joy dropped her cigarettes in the river... we scrambled to get them before they got far down stream, but we couldn't get them.


Joy and Roy have gone away to Las Vegas... I'm sad to see them go, they were my favorite people out here so far, but they went away. Last night we had a goodbye dinner, to say goodbye to them, it's hard to keep having to say goodbye to everyone, but It just keeps happening... so what am I to do? Well, work will help keep me occupied... and school... oh well, back to the drawing board