Sunday, March 13, 2005

F***in McAfee

Today I was set back almost an entire day because McAfee decided to
delete the VB Studio EXE... I think it was infected with some sort of
virus... which McAfee only knows how to delete... The Glory Bound Books
Las Vegas job is set back again... Atleast my due date is a week away...
BTW the Glory Bound Books Las Vegas job is a database project I'm
working on for my friend Roy's company... they sell catholic books...
but I only have to work with the Database...
Roy made the program in Access... but I'm securing it with VB... not
that VB is secure.... but oh well... if I get this done before he moves
to Las Vegas, I think I might even make some money off of it! well, now
that I re-installed Visual Studio... I can get back to work... Later