Friday, March 23, 2007

day one without cigarettes... again

today... well I guess you could say yesterday... I quit smoking. today was kinda hard. I always said before that when I was quitting, I would probably start again some day, but this time I'm going to stick to it! All I have to do is not smoke. after all, I don't smoke.

my one non smoking catch phrase to keep me

from smoking. it worked before, why not now?

anyway... today was a nice sunny day... it's been warm (like 60 degrees) the past two days, and now I am starting to get used to this nice weather. I really hope it doesn't get cold before I leave. I would like to remember Michigan as a warmer place.

we went to Frankenmuth yesterday to walk Jaani around the town... he liked it... it's one of the most touristy type towns in Michigan.

Today we walked around the trail in down town Fenton, and it didn't really go anywhere... a gazebo at one end, and it went across the river (twice) and ended up connecting to the side walk near a school.

Last weekend we went to downtown Detroit... it was kinda disappointing. it was too cold to walk very far, and the Eastern Market was empty because the season is too early. Greek-town has changed alot. the old alley that was converted into a mall has now been completely over taken by the casino. which kinda sucks cause Ev isn't 21 yet. That night we went bowling... just Ev and I... it was kinda fun, we got all dressed up for St Patrick's day (I wore a bow tie and plastic green hat, she wore a tiny green hat thing and a necklace with clovers on it.) I have been getting better at bowling... now I bowl an 80 to 100 instead of a 30 to 50.

Other than that, we have a count down going. 15 days until April 7th. that is when we're leaving for Seattle. Although, we don't know what car we are taking. The van we planned on taking just got totaled. it is fortunate that bernie survived the crash... I was amazed when I saw the interior that nothing bad happened.

at this point I am debating whether the air bag would have caused more damage or not. But Bernie did smash his face in pretty bad. he has to get plastic surgery this weekend, and in about 4 to 5 weeks he will be fit to go back to work.

It looks like the debate of how I'm getting to Seattle is under way. I hope this doesn't delay our leaving. I really want to get back out west, but not at the expense of my brother in law.

anyway. I guess that's my story. so far... tune back in next time for The trip of a life time: again