Thursday, April 12, 2007

home sweet home

Well, I'm here in Seattle.

I left on saturday... about 1:30 pm...

Stopped in Iowa city... stayed at a econo lodge with Scott and Ryan for the night...

in the morning we left early and drove all the way into Wyoming... somewhere in the middle...

the next day we went into Salt Lake City to meet up with this guy Harry who is really cool... and makes a lot of money doing the Network Marketing thing. We had a chat about how it is like Amway... and QuickStar (or what ever it is)... except they only have one product... which changes as soon as sales go down below a certain point.

Then we stayed that night in Idaho... somewhere.

we drove out of there across Oregon and into Washington. Everything started to become familiar again once we got to Yakama... and then I said we shoud stop for gas in Ellensburg... but someone wanted to push it to make it to the rental office on time. we ran out of gas half way up the last hill on Snoqualmie pass... Luckily the car stopped right at the end of a road... and a girl cindy gave me a ride to the gas station a mile down to buy gas and a gas tank.

we ended up getting into Seattle around 7:30 PM on tuesday. we suprised James when we called him and told him we were in Renton.

I was a little suprised to find out that the 318 house was empty... the lease ended about 2 or 3 weeks before I got into town. everybody had new jobs... James works for Microsoft now... doing marketing research... and Ricky works for a custom body shop. Anthony has a band... and is currently between jobs due to 2nd degree burns to the inside of his lungs. Brandy is working at Jet City because Big Foot fired her for leaving after she had already worked an extra 5 hours at the end of her shift (while sick) when nobody was there to keep the shop open.

Evelyn and I are living on top of the hill where Sea-Tac airport is located. We are between Des Moines and Federal Way on the West side of the city. Most everything we need is within walking distance... and once they finish building the Fred Meyers we will have everything we need. The hills are great! I can't wait to get a chance to get Jaani over to Green Lake. I can tell he already loves walking on all the trails around here... there are 2 right by the apartment.

I went into a staffing agency, and they said that they have work for me doing general labor for the time being, and that I will be able to qualify for many positions. In fact if I could have only got here on Monday I would be working by now... but oh well.

so... things will be fine. Evelyn already got hired, I have temp work until I find something better.

Ev's mom gave us a bunch of food... a bed... a couch... and we went to get table legs today. tomorrow we will get chairs and a book shelf...

I wish that everything wasn't gone from the old house... but what can you do 'A'?

anyway... there's an update. life is good, and I'll be on here typing again soon.