Monday, May 7, 2007

Getting settled...

well, We've been moved in for a while now.

we finally started to get settled down with everything we need. we have a comfortable little apartment with all the things we need.

Evelyn and I broke up. which kinda needed to happen... and her boyfriend just broke up with her... haha... she is all upset about it now, and I can hardly stop myself from telling her I told you so. she is starting work tomorrow. she still depends on me for just about everything, but I guess she will figure things out really quick once I get a job where I have to be there on time every day...

anyway... I've been working for Labor Ready. they do temporary manual labor jobs. it doesn't pay very well, but it will keep at least a little money in my pocket until I get a real job.

I enjoy being back in Seattle. today was sunny all day long. I just had to drive up to green lake to take Jaani for a walk. it was fun.

Ev and I are getting along pretty well. I am pretty sure that I'll be able to put up with her for the rest of the lease.

If I can find a good job, I was thinking about the possibility of buying a house in Bremerton (at the end of the lease.) it's a ways out of town, but for $140 a month I can get a pass to take the ferry and bus system to work and stuff. it would be neat. plus it's a nice place to live.

anyway, that's all for now.