Thursday, August 23, 2007

one long week!

this has been a very long week... I took Tuesday off... and I'll still end up with 80 hours... I am getting really tired right about now... I guess exhausted is more appropriate.

However, they have done a few things to boost our spirits... they gave us all stickers... and today I got a Bungie Halo 3 shirt! So, I guess I got what I came for... so it's time to go!


well, maybe not, but I think my time with Bungie is almost over. The project is almost ready to ship... so we are trying to get all of our new passes done.

We are to the point where we only run the game on retail Xbox360 kits. So when it ships, I'm gone. Other than that... I guess I was happy to see the sun at least once this week... I got to go in late today too... we went in at 1PM... which gave me time to walk Jaani, relax with a cup of coffee... and get a couple things around the house done. it's surprising how quickly I can take care of chores these days... I built 2 chairs (that I got like a month ago from Ikea...) took out the trash (because the dumpster was finally emptied after like 3 weeks.) and then I went to Jet City to hang out with Brandy.

Other than that... work work work work... I have been looking around for a new car... I found a bunch of stuff on Craig's list... I was going to have my friend Ricci go with me to look at one in a couple days... It seems that BECU will give me a car lone with no money down... and if I can get the difference, then I think I will be all set...

so... that's what's going on with me...