Thursday, August 2, 2007

Work update...

I Broke it!!! That's right, Tuesday they sent me home with a dev kit... and it was good. My DevKit, Wireless controller, Headset, and some Everclear (190 proof) on the side, and I'm ready to start testing!

the plus side is I now get to play Halo 3 from home at night... the down side is that means I work 12 hours 2 days a week.... between that and weekends now being extended, I work about 74 hours a week... it's kinda crazy...

Although today I had most of the day off... I was requested to take a dev kit home because Tuesday I set up Internet Connection Sharing to allow my Dav Kit to connect to my wireless internet connection. Between the other 3 wireless networks, being underneath the flight path for Sea-Tac airport, my connection got a continual random packet loss of 5% with a periodic random packet loss that spiked at 45% every 15 minutes... in other words a huge chunk of what the dev kit was saying to Xbox Live got lost... kinda like when you get a bad connection on your cell phone and you have to keep repeating youself... except because you're giving instruction to deal with something happening in real time, my box would do some funky things... that which I cannot publish online.

It was great. That combined with the feeling of being trusted to take home (and return) an $8,000 piece of equipment (with a black market value of well over $10,000) makes me feel like I'm moving up in the world.

it makes me feel even better about working so many hours...

but the project is coming along.... work is good... my co-workers rock!

I am never home... ever. I work so many hours that I think I would go crazy if I had to take the bus every day... Ev starts work on Tuesday... and is going to her mom's house until her step dad returns on Sunday...

I feel like I'm being recognized as someone of great talent in the view of industry leaders! Which may or may not be true, but I finally started having intelligent conversations with my managers... basically because I stopped being afraid to express my opinion. I'm learning a lot about the tech industry, and I think I have a lot I can offer. I found out one of the guys I talk to all the time on my breaks (because he vacations in Michigan and went to U of M) is the studio lead. He is in charge of Bungie... where the buck stops.

anyway... I must go to bed. g'night!