Friday, August 31, 2007

a sad goodbye...

It was a sad goodbye today. I am done at Bungie.

On the up side, my manager gave me a very good review for GTO. As a result (I think) I start a new position on Tuesday at Building 5. Located between Macy's and Bed Bath and Beyond in the Redmond Town Center (with 2 other MS buildings). The perks are that I will get a MS parking pass and have on site parking. Finally, I will be working with one other person from Bungie.

The down side is that I have been listening to horror stories about working at main campus on video games, and I don't get that week off that I really was looking forward to. I just get 3 days... oh well, it's better than only one day... or no days off a week.

well, anyway... It also looks like my lease is really a 1 year lease... man I feel stupid. They told us it was a 6 month lease when we signed the papers... but it said march 31 2008 right on the papers... That just sucks. but I guess on the lighter side, that means I have 6 more months to look for a house. Don't worry... I want to buy one on my own. no co-signers.

anyway... I'm tired. good night.