Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I knew it would be slow... but this is rediculous!

Well, I wanted to be part of the world record, but it was taking too long, and I couldn't wait... so I downloaded Firefox 3 via FTP. To be honest, it's the same as Firefox 3 RC5... at least I can't really tell the difference so far... meaning the past half hour... anyway.

If you haven't upgraded from firefox 2, you really should. Firefox 3 is faster, and seems to use less memory with all of the extensions I normally run. I am sad that Google Browser Sync won't be available anymore, but I guess that happens sometimes... I guess there are a dozen other apps to do the same thing anyway, but I have a thing for Google products. anyway... I gotta get back to work, I just wanted to let everyone know that the Mozilla site is running really slow, and if you want, look in my Google Reader Shared items (on the right) and there is a link to the FTP site... you won't be counted in the world record if you download via FTP, but you will be able to obtain the really cool brand new and shiny... well, maybe not so shiny, but new and improved Firefox 3.0...

P.S. for any Linux users... Win 1.0 was just released. 15 years after the project began, they finally have their first stable release. that is totally awesome!

anyway... I also forwarded the mail about downloading Firefox from the site to my blog... so if you want to (try to) participate, then you can click the link in the posting below this one...