Monday, June 16, 2008

The Sun has returned!

I suppose I could have played a punn on words by waiting a week and saying son... get it... ha ha... anyway, the title is true, the sun has come back to Seattle!

So, now that it is spring again (or summer...) My Bonzi went back outside. Well, I guess my Bonzi just sat in the window all last summer, but now it gets to hang out on my balcony now that it won't walk off on me.

My other Bonzi, which is an indoor bonzi, just got fed today because it was looking a little ill. Actually it still doesn't quite look as nice as it should. the branches that hang off to the side near it's base look like an under-inflated baloon... when it should look like a fully inflated baloon. None the less, it sits on my coffee table with it's little Buddhist shrine.

The outdoor bonzi also got a new man who is fishing in he river (which dries up every day...) he caught a fish about 2 weeks ago now, but he still hasn't gotten over watching it hang from his fishing rod. The two trees are my little plants.

As far as this past weekend... I got my Tux situation taken care of for Susie's wedding, and I took Jaani to Point defiance with Evelyn, Babli, and I. We all walked around the park, and we had to stop to smell the roses...

There were a lot of Roses. The Point Defiance rose garden is very big. I also included the picture of the entrance way, which is a path with flowers in the middle, covered my a tunnel made of vines.

They also had a lilly that I put in the picture collage.

There really is a lot to see at Pt Defiance, there is a Zoo there, a huge Beach, an Anthony's (expensive sea food with a spectacular view of the Olympic Mountains,) and miles of nature trails.
We walked around for a while... about half way out the point, until we came to a view point for the Tacoma Narrows bridges. If you look closely you can see that there are two suspension bridges going across the narrows. These bridges are build on the spot where the famous "Galloping Gurty" once stood. The lesson learned was that suspension bridges need to almost be strong enough to stand without the cables, even though the cables are what hold the bridge together.

Another neat little fact is that if you look at the water in the picture, the dark areas near the center of the Sound, you can actually see the disturbances that are caused by the water flowing both directions through this passage. In fact, you can not navigate these waters under sail. The two currents fight each other so much that only powerboats can fight the current in the middle. If you want to see where I took these pictures, I'll get the geo-tagging data up soon, so keep an eye on my Picasa blog album.

So, I'll leave you all with a picture of Jaani, Evelyn, Babli, and I all standing in the little gazebo they have in the middle of the rose garden, and I'll be sure to update again soon.


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