Monday, June 23, 2008

The New, Greener Mircosoft!

So, there is a new trend around here at the soft... it is the compost bin! We now have a garbage, recycling, and compost bin to make sure we need to keep thinking even if we are just getting rid of our junk. On top of that, we have new cups, plastic ware, coffee stir straws, and disposable dishes that are all compostable! BTW, Compostable is now a real word around these parts... even if English does not recognize it, it's OK, if we say it, then it becomes a word.

However, with the new environmentally friendly approach, we now requite coffee cup sleeves... which are also compostable... We need the sleeves because the new cups conduct heat (which doesn't affect me because I have my own coffee mug (as seen below in the picture of my desk...)

However, you will also see that I have a coffee cup on my desk... it is there to see if the cups will actually decompose if they are left (empty) on a desk, and never used...

On top of that, the heat conducting cups are not the only issue that apparently comes from being green... The new plastic ware that we have is actually not made of plastic anymore... it is some sort of compostable corn-starch based material... that adds this funky flavor to your food and will loose it's shape if left in a hot liquid for too long... other than that, replacing the old plastic stir sticks for our coffee with thin wood strips is good... and from what I hear nobody minds the styrafoam plates being replaced with cardboard plates... and we can now recycle our milk cartons, beer bottles, and stuff... The new compost bins allow us to recycle food we don't eat rather than just throwing it out (which believe me is a lot of food.)

So, that's the new story about work...

On the lighter side of the news, I take Jaani in on Wednesday morning to get him sedatives and a certificate of health... I decided not to work, that way I can make sure I packed everything I need, and get anything I may have forgotten.

Yesterday I dropped my trees off at Evelyn's place for her to take care of for the next 2 weeks.

I did most of my packing over the weekend... mainly the things I thought I might forget like that dress mom made, and the basics... I also have almost finished cleaning everything... I have this feeling my apartment will be cleaner when I get back then it ever has been... at least sense I actually started putting stuff in there.

finally, I just have to make it through today and tomorrow at work. I have a test plan review tomorrow, and I guess it is a little annoying that my manager isn't here today, and if he wants me to make any other changes, everything will have to be done before 3 tomorrow... grr

so... that's my story... I'm stickin to it, and yup... I go home on Wednesday night!