Thursday, August 4, 2011

So, I've made it about 1,420 miles, and that puts me at over half way.

I drove through Sturgis, but most of the bikers were out on the Interstate... but you can really tell that nearly everyone here has come for the festival.

Anyway, I'm pretty tired.  I got on the road at about 7:30 this morning.  I Filed an insurance claim for my camera, and they are sending return addressed box for me to return the camera in.  It really is too bad that I have to deal with my phone camera.  I have just been letting my phone upload new photos as I take them, then I move the photos over to the album when I am sitting around.

I have mixed feelings about using my phone camera.  For the first leg of my trip, I had a tripod that I was using to take pictures, but with my phone, it already has a dashboard mount.  That means I can just hit the button every once and a while to snap a photo.

Anyway, I still have a camera to use, but I don't think I'll take any more picture with Jaani and I in them... oh well.

So, once arriving in Wall, I still had some sunlight to take advantage of.  I didn't realize how much earlier the sky gets black in the mountains.  Here on the plains, I feel like I get an extra couple hours of sunlight.  Anyway, I decided to walk over to the giant dinosaur. I have seen it several time from the road, but I wanted to stand next to it.  So, Jaani and I walked over there from the motel room, and looked around for a while before I realized how hungry I was.  I guess when you drive all day...  anyway, I left Jaani in the room while I went over to Wall Drug to take a peek and got something to eat.  I might go back over there again, but I am feeling pretty tired.  I might just lay down and go to bed then start going early in the morning.

I might start before the sun... that way I can make some progress before it starts to really heat up outside...

I guess tomorrow will come soon enough.