Monday, August 1, 2011

So, my trip begins with a frantic rush to empty my apartment.  It's down to the wire... I've been cleaning for two and a half days, and in four hours I have my move out inspection.  I am scrubbing everything... If it is off white, rub it a few times with a cloth...

The few remaining signs that I lived in this apartment are gathered near the door.  My car is packed, and my instruments are ready to be taken away for storage.  However, the instruments are too delicate for a storage unit, I am taking those to my friends Anthony and Brandy, who will watch over them while I'm traveling.

I have a half hour left until my move out inspection, and my top-down cleaning process has left me with some dirty floors to clean up.  I scrub and scrub... and then finally 30 some of square feet of floor later, I declare that if it aint clean, then I aint cleaning it.  I toss all of my cleaning supplies into a cardboard box that I have left over, and I cram it into the remaining space left in the car.

The moment of truth is here at last.  I finally open up the door to take out my last bag of trash, and there is the guy coming up the stairs to inspect my apartment.  Perfect timing!  We spent about 20 minutes looking at the apartment and making small talk; in the end, he tells me it will cost me $5 for a small hole that my couch made in the wall.

I'm happy.  All that effort, and now he tells me that the apartment is just how they want it, and the worrying about nightmarish stories people have written about $2,000 move out fees, ridiculous inspections, and all that seem unwarranted.  Who would have known you can't believe everything you read on the Internet...

Anyway, that was yesterday.  Rush rush rush rush rush.  Then, after the whole move out thing, I had a relaxing cup of coffee at Jet City... and now I'm down in Spanaway.  Where I have the above shown view of Mt Rainier, and I don't really have much of a care in the world.

This morning, I washed the car, and then we went to a diner for breakfast... at some point today, I plan on replacing my front breaks; however, for now I have a beer.  Jaani and I have found a cool shady spot to hang out and relax.  Tomorrow I keep moving, so I'll probably write something about that in a bit.

Until then, Later,