Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Glass Bridge

Today was such a nice an sunny day. I walked Jaani around here for a while, then I went to go have dinner with Ev. She cooked some sort of shrimp and vegetable stir fry. It was good, and then after dinner we took the dogs for a walk on the glass bridge. They don't call it that because it's made of glass or anything, but actually because it has all kinds of glass sculptures, and one end of it leads to the entrance to the Tacoma Museum of Glass. Below is a link to my album for the event.

Tacoma Glass

When we were walking over the bridge, I took a couple of videos. They just show the sculptures that are on the bridge...

This first video is of the Ceiling inside part of the bridge. The ceiling is made of a single glass pane, with all kinds of glass objects above the ceiling, with natural light from the sun shining through it all. It looks kind of flat from the pictures above and the video below, but I assure you that all the sculptures themselves are 3D, and they are all just laid out in a neat way.

The next video is a wall that is set up as a display for glass sculptures. It is over the rail road tracks, which is actually the perfect spot because then you cannot see the train as it passes underneath.

I know my commentary is completely awful, but I was trying not to talk because it always just sounds so stupid and dumb. anyway, that's what I was up to all day... or at least part of the day.

However, now it is late, and I must get to bed.