Thursday, April 17, 2008

Twitter on the blog.

I have decided to try a new method of keeping my blog filled with new content at all times, but without putting too much time into it.

Solution (maybe): Twitter.

A handy new(ish) concept of a micro-blog. In this case, a micro-blog on my blog.

You may have noticed the new gadget on the right hand of the screen. That is my twitter feed. It is a small service that I can quickly update using either: text message, IM, or going to the actual web site. The idea really made an impact on me when I heard that some (American) guy in China was arrested for taking pictures of the protests in Tibet, and he was taken to a jail where he was not allowed to make a phone call, or talk to anyone... he was completely trapped. Except, he was able to get out one text message to his twitter feed that said "ARRESTED" before they took his phone away. The people tracking his feed saw the message and his mother took the appropriate action to have him transported to the US Embassy. He has sense come home, and has a new found love for his mom.

So it just goes to show, I have a way to leave a message in the case of some emergency when I have phone reception, but can't make a call to anyone. It's a good thing.

Plus, when my mother comes to my blog, the idea is that I will at least update the twitter feed often.

So, other than that. I have been enjoying my work. We are in crunch mode for the next two weeks. That's nice because it means I will get a nice awesome pay check the next couple of weeks. I know it will be enough to cover rent and utilities, and every stupid cost I have at the moment. So, a few certain people should be happy that I don't need any money! It makes me happy to think about.

Other than that. I confirmed that I will get vacation pay while I'm away in Michigan. I will actually be able to collect the money just before I leave, then I will take 2 weeks off. I have recently heard hat my manager is happy about it because at that point we will be right in between launches. Which in short means there isn't a lot of work at that time anyway, but they will need me when the next launch comes around and I have the best over all understanding of the features I own than anyone else on the test team. Which is a really good power position because I can see major applications for my area of the project on Microsoft's Surface platform. I have to say, of all the things at Microsoft I could work on, this project excites me the most.

Anyway, talk to you all later. That's my little update for now.