Thursday, April 3, 2008

Internet comming soon!

I called Qwest yesterday... they will be here on Monday. I am getting a local phone number which will be good if I need to send\recieve a fax... or call 911... plus this weekend I will get a phone with an answering machine attached to it from Fry's.

So, mom, that means I have a new phone number for you. I'll email it to you or something.

Other than that... I have been showing up to work a little early each day to handle my normal internet activity. Basically just to update my blog and to pay my bills. That sort of stuff. but things are going good.

Every week I have more and more money in my bank account. I broke the $1500 mark when this pay check came in. Plus I payed off one of my credit cards that I was using for money while I was "on my 100 day break." So I am now at the point where I can afford to pay 2 months rent using only my savings and my over draft protection account. I think I'm going to spend a little money this weekend though. I need to go grocery shopping, plus I need a lamp to brighten up my living room. I know I had a couple other things too... like a top sheet for my bed and one more trash can... mostly small stuff. I think the lamp, phone, and groceries will be the big expenses.

So... that's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

I am getting really settled in here at work. I take the bus to and from work every morning. With a Zune, it shure makes the ride a lot better. I have been watching this hour and a half interview with Bill Gates and Steve Jobs on a review of the past two decades. They are just getting the the late 90s. I should finish it on the ride home today... I think. I watched it on the way home yesterday, and the way to work today. I also have been watching the best of you tube podcast. it's great! that with attack of the show... NBC nightly news... 28GB of music... the ride just flies by. The walk between the bus station and my home is really short. Then, once I get to work, I can take a shuttle from the transit station to by building, but I have been walking because it has just been so sunny and nice out this week. Although I need to leave here before 5 if I want a ride to the bus station from work.

Jaani is forcing me to go on two walks every day. I take him outside and he just fights me to go to the trail... (He actually won't go until I get to a certain patch of grass in a park 1 1/2 blocks away.) Then after work we usually walk down the trail for a while, then over to Jet City for some coffee.

I just remembered I still haven't uploaded the pictures of my apartment. I guess at this point I'll wait until I have everything unpacked and put away. I still have half my stuff packed. Plus there is a little bit of stuff left in the Van; which I just found the hose hook up that I can connect my hose to and clean the cars. I might just have to do that this weekend.

so. Things are good. I'm getting back on my feet again after the break, and I should be able to keep saving. I will have internet at home on Monday (I hope.) So that should make things a little better.

So, I'll call that an update. I gotta get back to work.