Monday, April 7, 2008

Internet at Home!!!

I wasn't feeling very well, so I skipped out of work a little early today. I came home and had a little scare because Qwest actually shipped my router to apartment 311 (instead of 312) which was due to a typo I corrected with one of the people on Friday. For a second I thought I would come home and not have internet... however, after a few minutes of fussing around with putting Windows on a machine to run the Qwest software and create a PPPoE account to connect my router, I was online!

Now, I will not have to deal with the frustration of another lonely weekend without my Internet connection. It was all too ironic that I found out last night I could connect to a WiFi hotspot downstairs in the party room, but I wasn't too concerned. I now have my connection from the convenience of my bedroom. Which brings me here.

This weekend was kinda boring and lonely. I realized this is the first time in 3 years I have lived alone. No room mates or family to be found. I like the feeling, it is just a lot more annoying without Internet. No Email, chat, message boards, streaming videos... nothing, but now that changed.

I also went out and got a phone\answering machine over the weekend. Today I found out my phone works too! Which is nice because people can... well, call my house to leave a message for me in stead of calling my cell phone. Actually though, I have a few friends who don't have cell phones... which is really shocking, but some people just don't keep up with these things. So, they can call my local number. That should be good. Plus, there actually have been a few times that I wanted to send a fax. I have a computer and a fax machine, so now I can do that any time I need.

So, that's a quick update. I am hungry, and I want to go make some food. maybe I'll reheat my food from last night... who knows... but that's all for now.