Saturday, April 18, 2009

The FBI uses spyware to monitor "suspects".

 It's been floating around a bunch of news sites recently that a recently released document obtained via the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) details how the FBI is using spyware to target "suspects" of interest.  I think my favorite article is from the Slight Paranoia blog where he raises the question about why is so much of the document redacted (or drawn over with a black marker?)
I think it's an important issue.  What if the FBI were to use sites like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, or Myspace to exploit browser vulnerabilities and infect innocent people?  Using it to monitor people with no warrant?  Or how many people have been mistakenly infected without them knowing?  I think the question is vital to people feeling safe on the Internet.

I know this should have gone on the tech blog, but it's a very important issue that I will probably aggregate to all my blogs.

Anyway... just keep it in mind.


BTW  Here is a diagram of the device AT&T uses to help the NSA spy on you!