Thursday, April 30, 2009

Technical Difficulties

That's right folks... I'm having so many technical Difficulties that I can't even get my webcam picture to say it right.

anyway... my hard drive on my laptop died... so I have to put my spare hard drive in, but don't worry, I back everything up.  So, I didn't lose any data... just time... I guess neither of which I can get back, but I have a backup machine, plus the laptop that Evelyn was using (which she gave back to me on her birthday...)  so, I'm not hurting.  I figure, I can use Cable, my Roku player, and my netbook to keep me occupied... plus the sun is out, so I'm taking Jaani to the dog park (after I call mom to say happy birthday!)

So, that being said... above I put what I have completed so far with my recent family tree project.  For some reason it's much easier to find my mom's side than my dad's side... maybe because my mom pays attention to her ancestry a little more...  anyway... so, I am a little stumped about the Kuehl and Oneil family heritage... plus the farnell family heritage is brought to a near halt.  I don't even know where to go with McNally...

Anyway... I also found a neat little link to the Finlayson family, which caught me off gaurd because I thought I had spelled the name wrong, but apparently I didn't.  (BTW Finlayson is one of my my Aunts' maiden name - so it's not a blood-line relationship thing...)

Anyway, there is a little update.