Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Home sweet home in Seattle...

I'm back home in Seattle... and getting settled in. I went over to Ellensburg, and saw Roy and Joy... The drive was great! I just took I-90 East from Seattle into the Mt Baker Snoqualmie National Forest... up and around Snoqualmie Pass... next to Keechelus Lake (Elevation:2516ft)... Kachess Lake (Elevation: 2253ft)... and Cle Elum Lake (Elevation:2224ft)... which are the main water supply East of the Mountains (in the desert), and contains hydro-electric power plants. Continue down the other side of the mountains along the Yakima River, and south east of Lookout Mountain, to ellensburg (Home of Central Washington University.) When we got there, Roy took James and I North up Reecer Creek RD about 10 miles to the North end of the Kittitas Valley... turns into FR 35... goes about 10 or so miles up steep grades, and a cliff side one-lane road. This is a hard drive for the faint of heart. The road continues for about another ten miles before you would be forced to use a trail to procede... however this is the furthest paved road that goes near the top of Table Mountain, at the south end of the Wenatchee National Forest. There you will look out across the jagged cliffs of the Cascade Mountains... The city of ellensbutg... the kittitas valley... and over to the dessert. We then went back into downtown E-burg and visited "the tav" (the tavern of choice.) It's good to see everyone again