Sunday, June 12, 2005

The new cottage at Houghton Lake!

This weekend I took Anderson, McCoy, Satain and McGu up to Houghton Lake. It was exciting to see the new cottage, and everything is in perfect condition. Aunt Joanny came up with Dave and Dennis; while Doug and Aunt Liz came up by themselves. It was good to see Doug again. We shoveled dirt onto the driveway, and we mowed the lawn during the day, and even though we didn't play a game of Go, doug and I still performed unstructured Yogo style streaches on saturday evening on the lawn by the lake. We took the canoe out, and the seat caved in on me... oops (sorry Bill.) I suppose toward the end of the weekend Aunt Liz and I weren't seeing "eye to eye" exactly, but a little quarrel never hurt anyone... and overall, the weekend was a great time.