Tuesday, June 28, 2005

People on the Train!

I've met alot of people on the train (as expected.) The first day I met a couple girls from Virginia who were going to Portland. (the empire builder splits in Spokane WA and goes to Seattle WA and Portland OR) Their names were Angel and Natalie... and they were moving out there. I met a Canadian guy who was going to Victoria BC, and I guy who was going to a Hostle in East Glacier south of Glacier National Park. I met a bunch of curious children who asked me all kinds of questions about my hair. When we were passing by the Mississippi River I had dinner with a Man fron Britain, and A student with his mother from Switzerland. It was an excelent conversation on why the Great plains are not dessert... and Glacial run-off creates the Missourri and Mississippi Rivers... and the Rocky Mountains create a Rainforest... Cedar and Red wood trees create rain... and similar places in Europe. I met an Amish man who was very impressed with my Laptop Computer, Digital Camera, Cellular phone, Cellular Internet, Optical Mouse, 1 GB memory card (although I somehow feel he didn't quite understand... other than a million copies of the bible...) I wasn't suprised to hear that he didn't see how these devices could run your life... but I was suprised that he didn't think his life style created a greater sence of community... although, that just kinda shows how we mis-understand eachother... I also directed a couple who was visiting family in Squim at the north end of the Olympic Penninsula. I've also met a Girl Tiffany who is moving to Seattle. She got off tonight in White Fish MT with Snoopy... but She met a friend of hers that she is going hiking with in Canada before she gets to Seattle... I'll meet up with here when she gets here, and take her for a tour of the City... and I hope down to the Oregon Country Fair... when we will pick up Angel in Portland. but the trip is going well, and should be fun.. later