Monday, June 27, 2005

On the train again...

Today I got on the train in Ann Arbor at 8:30AM, and traveled coach to Chicago on the Wolverine Express. In Chicago, I enjoyed free drinks and muffins in the Metropolitain Lounge (open only to people in the sleeping cars)... however, I walked down the street to a stand where a lady sold me two peaches, a cup of grapes and a cup of strawberries for $4. After enjoying a bit of my fresh friut and watched CNN for a bit ("State of Emergency" because of 2 shark attacks and rummy is still full of shit; I love that guy, hecracks me up every time) I switched to the Empire Builder, where I am traveling in first class all the way to Seattle... My roomette has seating and sleeping room for two, which means that I am very comfortable in my room. I'm on the first level of the train, which made me very happy because I didn't have to carry all my shit up the narrow stair way... although, I think that the view is better up stairs. Our lounge car was deemed unsafe, so it was replaced with a dinner car, which I imagine will be good enough, even though they won't have the movie... I think the children on the train are the only ones really put down by this development. I'm looking forward to the train ride, and I have a feeling that I'll start meeting people soon... considering the people across the hall just invited me to join them... so that being said... It's time to start drinking... as we get to Milwaukee