Saturday, February 9, 2008

Candidates in Seattle!

Today, I fought some of the worst traffic ever in Seattle... Parked a long ways away from Key Arena, and then walked all the way to Key Arena to watch Barrack Obama make a speech. It was truly impressive. There were more people in that arena than it was ever made to hold. Every seat was taken and every free space where a person could fit was filled. People were even sitting on the stairs. Out in Seattle center, hundreds of people gathered to watch a huge projection screen. All to hear Barrack Obama.

I have to say, every time I hear him speak I feel inspired. He is an excellent public speaker, he is excellent at foreign affairs, and he has an understanding of the lower classes. Tomorrow, I will Caucus for Obama.

I'm pretty excited. I am going to bring my laptop, and take notes... it will be my first Caucus, and the 19th will be my first Primary. Because Washington is so cool that we have a Caucus and a Primary.

So... I'm off to bed. I need to have a clear head tomorrow at the Caucus.