Sunday, February 17, 2008


The forecast today... 52 and sunny. It's a really nice day. I took the three (yes, three...) dogs up to green lake. The new dog, Pooky Fuzz... I picked the Fuzz part... is an 8 week old Shitzu. He is too young to cause an trouble, but Jaani and Payal were both little hell maker all the way around the lake.

Pooky came home Friday night all the way from out in Aberdeen. I actually would have really wanted to go, just for a trip out to Aberdeen, but it would not have been worth it for a 20 minute stop to pick up a dog.

Other than that, Jaani doesn't like having more animals here... Payal loves having another little dog to constantly sniff and paw at... Jaani just gives the little dog an evil stair, and turns his head away. Maybe they will get along before the end of the next month, but I have this strange feeling that won't happen.

I just saw this movie the other night, Across the Universe, which is basically a giant medley of Beatles songs. It takes place is the mid 60's, and it's a love story about an immigrant and an American girl who fall in love. It was really good though, and it is an essential movie for any Beatles fan.

Other than that, I am still looking for a good job. I have been driving to Volt Media Center to do on-call Xbox testing. It doesn't really pay well, and it isn't very consistent, but it is better than making nothing, and it counts as experience toward my career goals. So it isn't a complete waste of time, but I think I'm going to see if this will get me to the end of my 100 day break.

After that, I can go back to Microsoft.

Anyway... that's what's up with me...