Sunday, March 23, 2008

5 days... and counting!

Well, yesterday I finalized everything for me to move in next Saturday. I called James and made sure he can make it, I went over to the new apartment to make sure I can get in to the one I want, and make sure everything is in order for me to move in, then I came home an packed everything I own into containers. I broke down all the tables so they would be really easy to move, and I cleaned out my room of everything except my futon, a small dresser (containing all the clothes I need for the next week), and my tiny little computer desk. which comfortably fits my laptop on the keyboard tray.

I have been constantly reminded of why I am so excited to move out of this apartment. The building is in the ghetto, it is just really inconvenient to take the bus, and last but not least (actually most importantly) I won't have to live with Evelyn any more. I have said to myself over and over that if she would spend half the time packing and moving her things as she has spent yelling at Mani, then she would be done and have her room cleaned by now. In stead, she has about half of her stuff in boxes, her room is a complete mess, and she will be begging me to help her next week. In the mean time, I have packaged everything in my room and the living room up, I have run the vacuum in my room, and the parts of the living room that she hasn't put her stuff in, I have cleaned all of my tables, and I am half way through with my dishes. I will let her clean her own dishes.

By this time next week, I will be finishing up with the carpet cleaner, and getting ready to return it to Evelyn's mom. Then I will go to my new home, and enjoy my new apartment. I think I might even take next Monday off so that I can drop off the keys in the office... or at least come in late.

Well, it's been a tiring weekend. especially yesterday. Yesterday I started the day by going up to Jet City for my morning coffee, and I also took Jaani for a walk along the trail. Then we took all three of the dogs up to Marymoore off-leash dog park. We walked all the dogs around for a while, then we took a walk down a nature trail, and I read a bunch of little plates that described the change we were going through from man made fields, to the succession zone, then to the marsh, and finally to the swamp, where the trail we walked on literally floated on top of the peat below the surface. When I finally got home, I went through all the stuff in my room, and packed everything away into boxes.

I must say I sure am happy that I got those big Dell boxes from work. I only got six of them, but I used five, and then I let Evelyn have one (pretty much just to shut her up.) I swear, if she isn't complaining about Mani, she is telling me how much of an @$$ I am, or how much she hates Jaani. Part of me feels really sorry for her Babli. The poor dog. I am happy for Payal, but I fear hat she might be left with Ev once Mani picks up this permanent load down to Cali, where he will only be home on Thursday night. I wish I could afford all the dogs, I would just take them all with me.

At the same time I will be happy to get away from Babli in the morning. As soon as Ev leaves, the little dog just starts barking really loudly, and when I told Ev that the neighbor above us was complaining about it, she just went on a rant about how he was making a lot of noise when he was setting up his bed the first night he moved in... he was pounding on the floor for like 10 minutes getting the thing put together so he could go to sleep. Well... I'm renaming the post to 5 days in counting!